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A New Old Honda

Here’s Kev’s new ride, a cherry 1982 Honda VF45 Sabre. It will make his commute more fun and cheaper.



New Toy for the Lake


After looking all over the country, literally, we found just the right boat at Elmendorf AFB on Craig’s List. It’s a 2007 Bayliner 185 in great condition and able to pull lots of kids on tubes. Now we just need to support our gasoline habit.

Sunny Day at the Beach

It’s not exactly San Diego but it was warm and sunny and we Jen, John and I were joined by Angie, Tristan and Landon for a hike to the beach at Kincaid. Ginger and Charlie had a great romp, too.



Old Friends Visit

Last week Dave, a member of the Soo Hill Gang in Moose Lake, and his son Theo spent the night with us. He and Kevin had a great time telling old stories. Dave lives in Michigan now and was on his way to Fairbanks for his niece’s wedding.


Arctic Thunder at Elmendorf AFB

The last Saturday in June we spent the day at Arctic Thunder, the air show at Elmendorf Air Force Base. It was a fantastic time! Lots of aerial displays by military and civilian aircraft. Plenty of static displays to walk through.


The most impressive demonstration was the F-22. It was amazing to see the things that aircraft can do. The F-22 show concluded with a tribute to veterans in a fly-by with a P-51 Mustang, the WWII fighter plane. It was a very emotional moment.


Statehood: Alaska is 50 Years Old


June 30th marks the date the Senate voted to admit Alaska into statehood 50 years ago. The celebration begins tonight with activities downtown and ALASKA’S OPERATION GRATITUDE, a tribute to Alaska’s military personnel. Wynonna Judd will perform at Elmendorf Air Force Base  in a concert that will be webcast worldwide by AT&T and locally on KTUU. Following the concert will be a bonfire on the flightline to commemorate the bonfire of 50 years ago.

Alaska officially became the 49th state on January 1, 1959. What’s cool is is so many of those who were there are still around. Folks who were part of territorial government, part of the constitutional convention, who had flags with 48 stars and pinned on a 49th.


Festivities continue tomorrow. We’ll be heading to Arctic Thunder at Elmendorf tomorrow to see the Thunderbirds.

Alaska Aviation Trade Show this Weekend

We were part of a surprisingly large crowd this sunny morning at the Aviation Trade Show in the FedEx Hangar. Lots of airplane doodads, displays, and real live aircraft to check out.


Cool little helicopter.


This is the ‘Pinnochio’ owned by the Feds.


Me in the cockpit of a FedEx MD-11. Our friend Marty Olsen flies these.

Spent a couple hours at the show then off to John’s basketball game which they won in overtime.